A COALITION founded by Amazon's Dunfermline Fulfilment Centre has now donated half a million products to families in need.

Working together with the Cottage Family Centre in Kirkcaldy, the charitable coalition has opened the UK's first 'multibank' and helped over 50,000 families throughout the country by giving out essential but no longer business-viable products.

The Cottage Family Centre provides much needed support to those who are vulnerable to social exclusion as a result of poverty, poor housing, unemployment, relationship breakdown, drug and alcohol problems, or other health-related issues. The charity works side by side with the Amazon team and the other charities involved to ensure that the goods go to them who need it most.

Gordon Brown, Cottage Family Centre patron and former Prime Minister, said: “The Cottage Family Centre and I want to thank Amazon for their leadership in bringing so many companies on board and providing the expertise and logistics as well as the goodwill to ensure that 500,000 goods worth around £10 million have been delivered to thousands of families in need in Fife and now also Edinburgh and in supporting the expansion to other areas of Scotland and Britain.

“There is much more to do over coming years but there are children who have gone without food who are now nourished, sleeping under sheets without a duvet, blankets or bed who can now enjoy a night’s sleep and who were going to school in ill-fitting clothes who now have the outfits they need.”