AN Oakley woman says her family have refused to drive down her street due to crater-like potholes.

Angela Martin has lived in her Forth Gardens home for 23 years and says the road outside has never been as bad as it is now.

In February of last year she contacted the Press about the same issue, resulting in council officers temporarily filling the holes.

But she says that fix didn't last, and that the 40 cavities which she had complained about then have only got worse since.

"I don't know how many tyres we have replaced on the car," she said.

"A couple of months ago they (council workers) came and put yellow markings down, that's all faded away now and they've not been fixed."

She says the potholes were filled with stones which washed away during heavy rainfall and that friends and family have refused to drive through the street, instead opting to park at the nearby shops, to avoid damage to their cars.

Angela spoke up during a meeting with councillors and the road department regarding improvements to Forth Gardens and Hillview in Oakley but says that attempt also resulted in no forward movements.

"I went mental," she said. "The potholes are a disgrace and not a thing is being done.

"I'm raging, it shouldn't be like that for my family, you go slow anyway but if you had to go any slower you'd stop.

"They'd be as well shutting the road and doing it right, they're just cowboys, I'll say that."

She continued: "We pay council tax, we pay road tax, why would I not speak up?

"We work during the day, come home, have dinner, and go back out, that's four times we have to go through it.

"I should be able to keep my car parked outside my house, I don't want to park it at the shop."

John Mitchell, head of roads and transportation at Fife Council, said: "There's over 2,500km of roads in Fife that we need to keep in a safe condition and our teams have to work on a priority basis. That means concentrating on the highest risk areas first.

"We understand that people might feel frustrated if they see our teams apparently being selective about what’s repaired on their streets, but if we spend time on lower risk areas, we leave more dangerous potholes unattended elsewhere.

"A number of repairs have been carried out at Forth Gardens. We'll inspect the road again following this recent report to see what further work is needed."