A TASTE of the Mediterranean is now on offer in a little corner of Dunfermline.

The latest business to set up at Adventure Golf Island at the Fife Leisure Park is Pitta Mediterraneo which offers a range of soft and fluffy handmade pittas packed with fresh, tasty ingredients.

Behind the eatery are Michael Papastamatiou and wife Rania Karamaria, who moved to West Fife three years ago from their native Greece.

They are now hoping to bring their hospitality experience together to serve up their carefully designed street food to the people of Dunfermline.

Micheal said: "We came to Dunfermline from Greece three years ago. We were working all of our lives in the food industry. My wife is a cook and I was working mostly as a bar tender or a waiter.

"We are from Rhodes Island in Greece and because Greece is between the East and West, we have a lot of inspiration from both cultures and cuisines.

"We are very excited about it. It has been my wife's brainwave for many years so she can cook an offer flavours and her food and she is a really talented cook."

Rania is hoping their unique offering will prove popular to West Fifers.

"Everything we have is fresh, everything is handmade by me," she said. "I want to give to the people the flavours of the Mediterranean.

"You have a bite and you are in the Mediterranean – all you need is the weather then! It is street food. It is not burgers or hotdogs. It is easy for me to make them and they are a very good price."

The van at the leisure park is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from noon until 6pm. For more information, check out the Pitta Mediterraneo Facebook page.