CLASSIC 'Shoegaze' sounds of the 90s have inspired two new releases from a Dunfermline band who want to create a "community" of listeners.

Sunstinger's lead vocalist Taylor White says the tracks are "honest songs" for "normal people" and provide a bridge between the group's previous music and their upcoming EP.

'Shoegaze' is a term used to describe a sub-genre of indie and alternative rock characterised by an ethereal mixture of obscured vocals and guitar distortion.

Taylor said: "Originally, we had a more post-punk sound until we decided to start experimenting a bit more with guitar pedals and working with Magnus Collie in the studio.

"It wasn’t deliberate but it is what it is now, we don’t mind the shoegaze label as we listen to a lot of that material.

"For example the classic 90s stuff like Slowdive, Mogwai and MBV and newer bands like Just Mustard, Slow Crush, and Nothing, the list goes on and on."

"I'd say our new single, Dead for You, and B-Side, Feel the Sun, are a bridge between our first EP, Beyond the Frame, and our upcoming EP, Sink."

Dunfermline Press: Sunstinger. Photo: Josue Rodriguez Sunstinger. Photo: Josue Rodriguez

The band is made up of Taylor on vocals and guitar, Scott Gourlay on guitar, Bill Anderson on bass, David McCulloch on synth and guitar, and Nick Hernandez on drums.

They will play a hometown show at McQ's, a venue above Coady's Bar on Pilmuir Street, on April 1, and recently sold out Sneaky Pete's in Edinburgh in January and will play their first headline gig in Glasgow this August.

They'll be returning to Dunfermline to cap of the year in October at PJ Molloy's.

Taylor continued: "David McCulloch has recently joined the band adding a new element to the sound which can be heard more in Sink.

"We are really excited about the new material coming out and have a lot of plans in the coming year.

"We are aiming to bring some really good bands form down south up to join us to change things up a bit and give our crowds the opportunity to discover some new music."

The new tracks, released today (March 3), were recorded at Chambers Studios in Edinburgh with Magnus Collie.

They have been created independently by the band, who are looking at options when it comes to labels interested in working with them on their new EP.

Taylor added: "The songs mean a lot to us, they are very honest songs, a lot of passion and hard work go into these records.

"It would be easier for us to write a three-minute pop song but that’s not us, we are true to our sound and who we are, I think people can see that when they come to our live shows.

"We write music for normal people, normal people like us, we want people to listen to our music and come to our shows to feel like they are apart of something."

Dunfermline Press: Sunstinger. Photo: Josue Rodriguez. Sunstinger. Photo: Josue Rodriguez. (Image: Josue Rodriguez.)

He hopes that the releases resonate with with listeners and that the strong fan base Sunstinger has built in Dunfermline can continue to grow.

Taylor said: "We feel like we have assisted in creating a community like this in our hometown Dunfermline and we aim to expand this further."

"We hope people can enjoy them as much as we do creating them. Hopefully people can find something in the tracks that means something to them.

"That’s what music is about for us."