DEVELOPERS have applied to renew their plans to build nine houses on a site in Inverkeithing close to the M90.

Permission had been approved for Antonine Property Development Group Limited to start the project in 2020 but the three-year period given to begin work is now set to expire.

If the extension is approved, four semi-detached dwelling houses and five detached houses would be built on the Dunfermline Wynd site.

Work would also involve the formation of a new access road, parking, landscaping and associated works.

The land was first earmarked for a residential development more than 20 years ago and plans have since been approved firstly for the erection of seven two-storey homes, then for eight detached houses and, finally, for the project as now laid out.

Antonine entered into an agreement with Fife Council in 2009 which outlined that the landowner would be required to contribute towards affordable housing and landscaping in the area.

Permission to build the nine homes was approved in 2007, when J & R Developments proposed the project, and was extended by the current developers in 2012 and re-applied for in 2019.

Neighbours have been notified of the application and a decision date has been set for April 20.