A CAMPAIGN to persuade more Fife food workers to be part of a union was fired up this week.

The Bakers, Food and Allied Worker Union (BFAWU) have launched a new partnership with Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Alex Rowley in their effort to attract more workers from the food industry.

The campaign – which began this week at MOWI in Rosyth – will promote the importance of trade unions in the workplace as the cost of living crisis continues to stretch the budgets of many local people.

The BFAWU and Mr Rowley aim to highlight how unionised workplaces are better paid, safer and have more secure employment conditions than those without union representation.

Mark McHugh, Scottish Organiser for BFAWU, said joining a trade union always helps workers.

"Unions offer support and protection, help improve conditions, and increase pay at work," he said. "Our union is keen to support food workers in Fife.

"There are major food industry employers in the area that are often non-unionised. We are delighted to be working with Alex Rowley MSP to help encourage workers at Mowi and elsewhere to join a trade union.”

Mr Rowley added: "Workers in the UK are amongst the lowest paid in Europe with far too many on poor terms and conditions. The way to change this is to join a union and stand alongside other workers united for better pay, terms and conditions.

"Unions and employers working together will ensure a stronger workforce and a stronger voice in the economy and is why I would urge workers to join a union”

Joanna Peeling, head of HR at MOWI Scotland, said some workers at the Rosyth facility were represented by unions.

“MOWI is supportive of employees’ rights to form and/or join a union and to seek collective representation, should they so wish," she said.

"Colleagues here are already members of a number of unions and we are cautious of removing the choice those individuals have made on who they prefer to represent them.

"We are very committed to creating and sustaining the best possible working environment for all our employees, with safe, secure and rewarding work, whether or not they choose to seek union representation."