FIFE Council has apologised for taking three years to turn around a house it bought to use as council housing.

A reader contacted the Press after becoming frustrated at the length of time which it has taken to get the property in Dunfermline's Beath View back into a suitable condition for let.

"We have a property purchased by Fife Council which has been lying empty for three years while renovations have being taking place to bring the property up to an acceptable standard for occupation," he said.

"I have been advised that work is ongoing, however for months now no work has in fact been taking place. At a time when available housing in Fife is in short supply, I think it is a situation which Fife Council should be ashamed of.

"They could have knocked it down and built another one in less than three years."

Fife Council have admitted that they have been faced with challenges while carrying out the renovations..

Housing lead officer Allan Hall said: "We're sorry that it's taken longer than we'd planned to bring this property back into use.

"This has not been a straightforward renovation and a number of extensive works were needed to bring it back up to standard. We have had to remove asbestos from a number of areas, and this is a complicated and time-consuming process to ensure the safety of both our workers and other nearby residents.

"Progress has been slowed further because of problems with the electrics, which have involved us working with the energy supplier to find a resolution.

"We're now in the process of having a small extension removed before the house will be made available for new tenants.

"We're as keen as the local community are to get this house back into use and are working hard to get it completed as soon as we can."