AN environmental campaigner who cleaned out Halbeath Pond has focused his energy on doing the same at a Dunfermline burn.

Andrew Dunlop, of the Clean Up Fife group, has turned his attention to cleaning out the Tower Burn near Tesco, with the help of his friend, Derek Henderson and his son.

He told the Press: "We went down there a couple of times and the first time we went down there was 20 to 30 shopping trolleys. The kids throw them down there, so we went to investigate and we ended bringing up about 20 to 25 trolleys.

"My pal went away and I thought, I'll just stay here and start cleaning the burn a bit."

Now Andrew is visiting the burn regularly to clean it up and maintain the work he has been doing. He usually gets there around 10am with his friend, who stays for a couple of hours to help, and stays until 5pm to put in extra work himself.

So far he has found tyres, traffic cones, bikes, scooters, shopping trolleys, and even car parts and a car battery.

Andrews continued: "There's oils from what people are throwing in. Some of the stuff I've taken out has a really bad smell of oil that's been lurking in the waters."

Now, though, after putting in some tough work to get the burn in a better condition, Andrew has said it looks much better.

"The water has dropped and everything, it's not flooded and it just looks more maintained than it ever used to be," he said. "My dad said that when he was a kid he used to play there and it was really bad but now it looks really nice."

Andrew, from Lochgelly, is hoping that his work highlights the problem of people dumping their rubbish in the area's waterways.

He said: "You wouldn't do this in your own home, if you were in your house you wouldn't leave it like a tip, so it's the same for the environment. Throwing your stuff away, in the place you live, you're making your place look like a tip so nobody wants to come here, you're making a bad name for yourself."

Andrews cleans waterways across West Fife and takes requests from the community on his Facebook page, Clean Up Fife or via email at