INVERKEITHING's own 'Bayeux Tapestry' is set to go on show in the town later this year.

A total of 82 different stitched creations will be made into banners which will be put on display at Inverkeithing Town House when it opens after the completion of restoration work this summer.

Emma Griffiths, Training and Development Officer at Fife Historic Buildings Trust, has been delighted with the quality of the project so far.

"I tell people it will be Inverkeithing’s Bayeaux tapestry – a visual history, and testimony to much talent and the jewel in the crown of the newly accessible Town House," she said.

"It is one of the parts of the Inverkeithing Heritage Regeneration Project, which is a five-year project based around promoting the magnificent Inverkeithing.

"The individual panels will be stitched onto three banners which will be put in the restored Inverkeithing Town House. Local people have stitched the different panels and they tell the history of Inverkeithing."

Edinburgh-based textiles artist Nikkita Morgan has been helping locals with the initiative.

"It is a different approach to the great tapestry of Scotland which is in the Borders which I think had one artist and a very tight control of the stitches and sizes," explained Emma.

"Nikkita taught people to stitch and helped them with the drawings and people had a carte blanche to portray the scene. It was a really, really creative project."