He's been a common sight for shoppers at the Tesco Extra store at Duloch in Dunfermline for the last few years.

But Spartacus, known to many as the 'Tesco Cat', will soon be on the move.

The popular black-and-white cat can be seen regularly in the foyer of the store, which he has made his adopted home for around the last seven years or so.

He's not a stray, though, with his owners living nearby in Plover Crescent - or they will do until the end of this week.

Spartacus and his family are moving to a new house far away from Tesco.

The news of his impending departure from Tesco was revealed on Spartacus the Tesco Cat's own Facebook page this evening.

The message says he will be moving on with his family this Friday, so anyone wanting to say their goodbyes will need to do so this week.