A MEMORIAL garden for the peacock found dead after a horrific attack on the Pittencrieff Park aviary is to be planted almost one year on.

The devastating incident last May saw one of the birds, Louis, severely injured, and another, Malcolm, tortured and killed.

The volunteers who care for the 15 peacocks and peahens in the Glen buried Malcolm close to the sanctuary in August and plan to adorn the area with flowers and bushes full of edible fruit for the birds.

Dunfermline Press: Louis was also injured in the attack, but has since recovered.Louis was also injured in the attack, but has since recovered. (Image: Peacocks in Pittencrieff Park)

They also placed a plaque, created by Memorial Plaques Scotland, to mark the site.

Carlyn Cane, the helper who cared for Louis in the months following the attack, said: "The plaque was delivered and installed in December but we didn't post anything.

"Part of us wanted to keep it to ourselves so we decided not to announce it yet, it is where Malcolm is buried.

"We are going to turn it into a memorial garden but we just haven't had the weather or the sun.

"We've got a metal bench with an arch over the top which will go in and we are hoping to put in stepping stones and bushes with fruit the birds can eat, we'll maybe have some Forget-me-nots too."

She continued: "I think we will end up doing it ourselves, we did think about asking if anyone could give us a helping hand but I think it will be good for the volunteers to do.

"We are hoping to put a bird bath, not for the peacocks, in too.

"It will hopefully be ready for the anniversary in May, I can't believe it has been so long, it seems like it was yesterday."

There had been hope for a piece of good news at the aviary when peahen Katie laid an egg which, if it had hatched, would have made Louis a dad.

But Carlyn says it was too early in the season and that Katie wasn't ready to sit yet.

She hopes that later in the year, when the weather is warmer, that the sanctuary will see some highly-anticipated new additions.