FIFE Council says it is working to meet housing requirements of those most in need after figures revealed over 2,000 social housing properties are currently overcrowded.

The statistics released by Fife Council after a Freedom of Information request from the Scottish Liberal Democrats show that 2,235 social homes are occupied by more people than they are intended to house.

This represents seven per cent of the 30,894 social homes which are managed under the Fife Housing Register.

Fife MSP Willie Rennie, a former Dunfermline MP, called for more to be done to address the issue.

“Decent housing is a basic necessity, but these figures show that thousands of people in Fife are being living in overcrowded conditions," he said.

"The waiting list for social homes has ballooned. With the system under so much pressure it is clear that for many the housing available isn’t adequate.

“This is one symptom of a housing sector under immense strain, where people are struggling to find affordable homes near to where they work and want to live.

“The Scottish Government needs to face up to reality. While ministers blame inflation and Brexit for falling short of their house-building targets, the truth is that they need to find solutions or the situation will only get worse.

“We need substantial investment in thousands of new social homes across the country and renewed commitment from the government to do what it takes to meet their housing targets.”

Fife Council’s housing spokesperson Cllr Judy Hamilton acknowledged that the local authority was under "extreme pressure" to meet housing needs.

"This is a national issue, and many other Scottish councils are facing similar pressures," she added. "The number of people presenting as homeless is rising and we have to focus on supporting those who are most in need at this time.

"We have to balance this with responding to the needs of our tenants, our ongoing commitment to our successful new build housing programme and acquiring properties to meet the needs of Fifers.”