A BATTERY storage facility which will increase the efficiency of renewable energy supplies at times of peak demand is to be created in Inverkeithing.

If approved, it will be built by London-based Capbal Faune Limited, who say the equipment, sited on land east of North Road, would store enough electricity to serve up to 30,000 homes for one hour during peak times.

A previous application for planning permission in principle was accepted by Fife Council in 2018 and was extended in August of last year due to the pandemic.

Additional information has now been submitted to the local authority in order to meet required conditions and allow work to commence.

The facility will store energy created by renewable sources such as wind turbines and solar powers during low demand period and will release the power during periods of increased demand.

It will be connected to an adjacent electricity substation by existing underground extra high voltage cables and will be located to the east of Dales Farm.

The power generated would be available instantly when required, with the battery site recharging from the national grid.

The development is to consist of battery storage containers, transformers and associated equipment, and an access track and fencing.

Access would be granted from the road which leads to the adjacent substation from North Road.

There will be no staff based at the location, though three parking spaces will be made available near the substation for visiting maintenance personnel, and it will be surrounded by a 1.2m high post and wire fence.

To protect views from the B981 North Road and associated associated dwellings at Pinkerton Burn Cottage, Dales Farm Cottages, and Dales Steading, a woodland will be planted to the north of the site.

This will feature native species such as Sesile Oak, Scots Pine, Rowan, Birch, Field Maple and Gean, while an associated hedge will be made up of a mix of Hawthorn, Field Maple, Guelder Rose, Dog Rose, Wild Privet and Hornbeam.