FIVER FEST has returned to the Dunfermline High Street, bringing with it amazing deals from local businesses.

Run by Totally Locally with the aim of supporting the businesses in the city, Fiver Fest returned last weekend and will be running until Saturday, March 25.

Aileen Wright owns and runs Sew Yarn Crafty and she works alongside Heather Snowie, who runs Fancy A Scoop?, to manage Totally Locally Dunfermline and put on Fiver Fest each year.

"Fiver Fest is trying to encourage people to remember that if they spend £5 of their normal weekly spend – we're not asking people to spend more in a difficult time – but if they spend £5 of their normal weekly spend in their local shops, then that has a really positive impact on their local area." She said.

"This is our second time around so I do think that the deals are better than ever!"

A number of local businesses have gotten involved and are offering great deals on their fabulous products.

Dunfermline Press:

Some of the amazing high street stores and Dunfermline-based businesses that are taking part in Fiver Fest this year include: Fáilte Fine Food & Drink, The Wee Tea Company, Fancy a Scoop?, Sew Yarn Crafty, Bryan Beveridge Quality Butchers, ZILDA Holistic Therapies, Cafe Fresh, 269 Vegan Dunfermline, The Craft Room and more.

She continued: "We're just businesses trying to help each other out by cross-promoting to our customers."

Derek Walker, from The Wee Tea Company, believes that this year's Fiver Fest has been busier than ever.

He said: "I think Fiver Fest is a great thing. It's actually been much busier than it was last year.

"I think it's had a really positive effect on the town. We got involved because Dunfermline High Street, like any High Street in the UK, is really suffering and we're keen to encourage more people to give the high street a go, to maybe look past the empty shops and use the shops that are actually open.

"There's a lot of shops open in Dunfermline High Street and the more foot-fall we get then the more shops are likely to reopen."

The Wee Tea Company are offering two boxes of tea bags, blended right here in the city, for just £5. One box in itself is usually £5 so the offer is a great way to explore new flavours.

Another business offering great deals during Fiver Fest is The Craft Room. They are giving their customers the chance to make their own, personalised, metal bangle using their metal stamps for just a fiver.

Tammy, from The Craft Room, said: "It's definitely bringing people in, it's being promoted locally, there's quite a lot of businesses in Dunfermline that are taking part so it's doing quite well.

"The high street is important in towns and cities and things like this help to promote that there are great businesses locally and that we're all here to help people that live locally so we can keep money within our district."

Dunfermline Press: There are lots of deals on offer on the High Street during Fiver Fest.There are lots of deals on offer on the High Street during Fiver Fest. (Image: Newsquest)

While it is important to go out there and support local businesses, and Fiver Fest is a great way to do so, it's also just as important to help promote these local stores.

Aileen added: "The thing is not to be putting pressure on people to spend money, they can support it by liking and sharing a post on social media or telling a friend. That's always massively helpful to small businesses. We're not trying to make people spend money that they don't have!

"We know our customers love shopping local on the High Street. We're not trying to guilt trip and make them feel bad about not shopping local, they already do, so there's no pressure to do what you can't, we're asking people to do what they can!"

To support Totally Locally Dunfermline and Fiver Fest, visit their socal media pages or take advantage of the £5 deals.