WORK to build 19 new Fife Council homes in Crombie has been delayed and is now due to start in May or June.

The development off Ordnance Road was due to get underway in November last year but it's running more than six months behind schedule.

There will be four two-bedroom flats, three two-bedroom bungalows and 12 houses – two two-bedroom homes, eight three-bedroom properties and two four-bedroom houses – built on the Kinniny House site.

At the South and West Fife area committee, Councillor Brian Goodall said: "I was told it was to start in November last year and be completed by November this year.

"We've now got a new start date on that of May / June. I wonder if you've been made aware of the reasons were for that delay?"

The officer at the committee meeting wasn't able to give an answer.

The properties will be available for social rent but the affordable homes development wasn't universally popular with 18 locals submitting a list of objections.

One wrote: "We don't know who or what we might get into our village."

They were also worried about issues such as parking, flooding, increased traffic, the impact on wildlife, loss of trees and hedgerows, construction traffic and noise.

Another resident had said: "Crombie is a village with very few amenities, including no shops, extremely limited public transport, no school, no post office etc.

"Given this, as well as the recent expansion of the village already through a development making use of the school site, is this the best place for 19 further houses to be built?"

Planning permission was granted by the West and Central planning committee in May 2021.

The applicant at that time was Our Street Ltd, of Lochgelly, but that has since changed and it will be First Endeavour Ltd, of Rosyth, who will be building the homes for the council.