THE Forth Bridge has been featured in a television documentary celebrating great railway architecture across the UK.

In The Architecture the Railways Built presenter Tim Dunn explores the stunning construction designs and buildings which line the rail network.

The first episode of the show's fourth season on Yesterday focussed on the bridge and saw train enthusiastic Tim explore both the structure's highest and lowest points.

He ventured to the edge of West Fife to meet Len Saunders, part of the Briggers history group.

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Len called the structure the "space-age project of its era", with Tim adding that "the pressure was very much on" when construction of the Forth Bridge's foundations began in 1883.

"One of the aims of this bridge was to build something that not only was strong, it had to be free of movement or vibration," Len explained.

"It had to be the most rigid possible bridge that you could build.

"Anything that was build here had to just be bulletproof."

This resulted in the cantilever design, allowing the bridge to absorb up to 56lb of wind pressure per square foot, according to the show.

Tim and Len then travelled to one of the highest points of the structure, around 110 metres above the water.

Opened in 1890 and spanning the Firth of Forth, the Forth Bridge was the world’s earliest great multi-span cantilever bridge, and at 2,467 metres remains one of the longest.

The distinctive red structure is made with 53,000 tonnes of steel and is held together with 6.5 million rivets.

"Standing in the midst of all this wonderful engineering gives those stats a whole new meaning," Tim said during the episode.

"Up close, you really get a feel for that handmade quality of the bridge - all those rivets together.

"This was really built by people and not machinery."

Last month the Forth Bridge was crowned the 'Yesterday Railway Bridge of the Year' after being selected by a panel, led by Tim, from a shortlist of five following the results of a public survey.

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The new award aims to shine a light on the incredible structures that are, or have been, a vital part of Britain’s railways.

The Architecture the Railways Built is available to watch now on UKTV or at 8pm on Tuesdays on Yesterday.