A SPUR of the moment decision after marvelling at the entertainment bars in Tenerife has led a Dalgety Bay couple to renew a Dunfermline bar.

Andrew Edwards, 47, and fiancée Melissa McPherson, 37, took over the former Jokers Bar and Grill on Hospital Hill after returning from a holiday earlier this year and have upgraded it for new and returning customers.

Edwards Bar and Grill will open on Saturday serving up drinks firstly, with food offerings expected to come later in the next few weeks alongside a new kitchen and function area.

Andrew, a building company owner, and Melissa, a mobile hairdresser with her own business, want to create a destination venue with live music, events, and sports nights.

Andrew told the Press: "It's always been one of my ideas to have a place like this.

"We went away to Tenerife at Christmas for a last minute winter holiday and had a chat about it.

"We came back and they had the lease sign out front and I emailed the boy and it just happened.

"He could see the enthusiasm and the ideas I had, there were a lot of other people interested in it, but he went away and thought 'I really hope that guy emails me back because I know fine well he's going to do some stuff with this place'."

"We are going the extra mile and bring it into the 21st century."

Dunfermline Press: The former Jokers Bar and Grill has been refurbished and brought up to date. The former Jokers Bar and Grill has been refurbished and brought up to date. (Image: Newsquest.)

It's a third business for the couple to juggle between caring for their kids and jobs, as well as planning their upcoming wedding in November.

But the venture has been a labour of love, with the two planning to be present there each day and become a familiar face for their customers.

The venue has lain empty for sixth months - with Andrew laughing that one cupboard hadn't been cleared for 17 years - and the couple have added the "finishing touches" in the hope it becomes the heart of the community.

Andrew is looking forward to setting up his own pool team, have darts nights, and become a destination for local football teams to enjoy, though explained that he wants everyone to feel welcome when they walk through the doors.

He is also eager to entertain - partly inspired by the bars of Tenerife - with live music, karaoke and disco nights.

He said: "We love playing pool, I used to be in a pool team when I was younger in Edinburgh.

"The locals can see how much effort we're putting in here, I want to welcome them back, it's definitely going to be a community."

Melissa added: "We were talking to the people at the shops and they were giving us ideas, we even thought about a Zumba class once a week or Slimming World.

"Everybody asked how we cope, with the kids and dogs and businesses between us, but you find time and it's exciting."

Phase two of the bar involves the opening of the function suite, with plans for club and charity nights, while phase three will be the finished installation of a new chargrill kitchen, expected to open in the next six weeks.

Dunfermline Press: Andrew has plans to start his own pool team. Andrew has plans to start his own pool team. (Image: Newsquest.)

"There's nothing like this in Dunfermline, obviously it will be a bar and grill and we are going to keep it grill," Andrew said.

"We are going to try and keep the menu reduced but from the grill predominantly - all your steaks, all your gammon, all your meatballs and burgers.

"We want to do quality rather than loads of stuff."

With experienced bar staff behind them - including family members and former Jokers workers - the couple are confident that their leap into hospitality will be a successful one.

The drinks menu includes Tennants, Heverlee, Guinness, Caledonian Best, and Magners on draft, as well as spirits and cocktails.

Edwards Bar and Grill will host an official opening event on Saturday from 1pm.

From then on it will be open from 11am each day, closing at 1am on Fridays and Saturdays, 12am on Thursdays and Sundays, and 11pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.