A DUNFERMLINE firm is set for one for the road as it prepares to move to a new base next week.

Just Whisky Auctions is decanting from the Pitreavie base where it has been for the last decade to move to bigger premises in Dalgety Bay's West Way.

One of the company's owners, Graham Crane, said the relocation comes as they have outgrown their current space.

"We have been in Pitreavie since we started. We are an online auction for whisky enthusiasts to buy and sell their whisky. We have reached the point where we cannot grow anymore here as we don't have space," he explained.

"We want to offer a storage service and cannot do it here so I think when we move we will be able to push the market and get more bottles in and offer the storage. We are quite excited about it."

Regular online auctions currently see Graham and his team sell bottles from around the world with some reaching a price of over six figures while others have a more modest price with people sourcing tipples they are no more able to locate by more conventional methods.

"We sell for customers everywhere – most of them are in the UK. Over 50 per cent are people from the UK but we get people from all over," said Graham. "We have got bottles in from the States, Japan, Europe, everywhere.

"If you have a collection of whisky and you wanted to sell them, you can't do it on ebay as sale of alcohol was banned some time ago. If you are buying an expensive bottle of whisky, you don't feel safe necessarily buying things on ebay as you want to make sure what you are getting is real.

"Somebody has looked at it and are an expert. We stand behind that. People prefer to buy bottles through us.

"Most of the expensive bottles go overseas. We have had one go up to £160,000 but it is not all expensive bottles. We have £20 bottles for drinking and stuff for over £100,000 and most of that is investments. You might get some people who open them but I have not met any!

"It is like buying a painting. People are investing in whisky the same way they would art. Over the last 10 years it has boomed. There has shown to be a real growth area for investment.

"We also sell a lot of things for drinking. Just things you cannot buy in the shops anymore or something from overseas."

The move, it is hoped, will also bring future job creation.

Graham added: "We are a relatively small business. It is two owners, me and Yuri, and four other employees. We might need to grow that soon if what we plan to do works. The market is there. There's no reason why we cannot do that."