AN aquatic teaching centre for young children and babies could be created in Rosyth.

If plans are approved by Fife Council, the empty unit at 8 Unwin Avenue would be transformed with an 1.2m deep pool of 8m in length and 4m in width.

The facility would provide swimming lessons in small groups of four.

Applicant Keith Anderson has proposed a change of use of the building from a retail unit.

Attendance would be by booking only and occupancy would be limited to two groups at any one time.

Parents or identified guardians would accompany children and timings overlapped to maximise efficiency of the changing and shower accommodation provision.

There could also be an opportunity to host medical hydro-therapy where needed.

Alterations are planned to include an insulated demountable water tank placed directly on the structural floor but not attached to it.

Steps and a decking would also be constructed as necessary for safe access and there would be an insulated retractable cover to conserve heat when the pool is not in use.

In addition there would be changing and toilet facilities and an internal lobby created.

It is anticipated that the business would create four new jobs in the area.