FORTH Green Freeport has said they have no plans for nuclear power generation at its sites – including Rosyth – after campaigners raised concerns.

The assurance came after the Scottish Nuclear Free Local Authorities and Highlands Against Nuclear Power said they were "disappointed" to learn that Net Zero minister Michael Matheson MSP would not be opposed to a nuclear manufacturing facility in a green freeport.

The organisation has written to the politician in the hope that he could provide reassurance that the two new Green Freeports planned for Scotland in Forth and Cromarty and Inverness Firth would not include a manufacturing plant to produce prefabricated parts for supposedly Small Modular Reactors.

Tor Justad, Chair of Highlands Against Nuclear Power, said the the Green Freeports should represent a real opportunity to provide truly green jobs for Scottish workers.

"There is no reason why these Green Freeports cannot be sites where specialist businesses employing Scottish workers manufacture the necessary parts or provide the vital support services that will be needed to sustain these industries," he said. "The Scottish NFLA and HANP will continue to campaign to make these Freeports truly green – we have no need of nuclear.”

In his response to the concerns, Mr Matheson MSP stated: "The Scottish Government's position on traditional nuclear fission energy has not changed – we do not support the building of new nuclear fission power stations in Scotland under current technologies.

"Whilst we do not support any project bringing new nuclear energy to Scotland, we support maximising supply chain opportunities for Scottish companies. The nuclear market, both in the rest of the UK and overseas, offers substantial economic opportunities. We do not wish to prevent or discourage Scottish firms from bidding for and undertaking work for this sector."

A spokesperson from Forth Green Freeport said nuclear power generation was not in their plans.

“The Forth Green Freeport vision for Rosyth is centred around a new freight terminal, offshore renewable manufacturing and green power generating capacity," said the spokesperson. "The FGF will also enable the development of large-scale advanced manufacturing, skills and innovation onsite, alongside a proposed new rail freight connection.

"This vision and the associated economic and community benefits will boost Fife and the wider region. There are no plans for nuclear power generation on FGF sites.”