A MOTORBIKE said to be worth more than £5,000 has been reportedly stolen overnight in Dalgety Bay.

Luke Baxter, 19, bought the Yamaha YZF-R125 new in September after he saved money alongside his mum, Vanessa Baxter.

Luke drove home from his work late on Wednesday night and parked his bike in its usual spot in the bays near his home.

On Thursday morning he woke to find it gone.

"It's probably been lifted by people in a van," Vanessa, 53, explained.

"It's been suggested someone may have been driving around looking for bikes to target, but the thing is it was right at the end tucked in.

"They would have had to purposefully come along, either that or it's been someone who has watched it a few times."

It's not clear whether the bike could still be in Fife or further afield - Vanessa had suspected an identical model for sale in England could have been the same one, but she says police ruled that out.

"I find it quite strange, is it by chance someone has been driving around in the small hours of the morning looking for something to steal?

"Luke will now be on the bus, he's only 19 and your insurance when you're that age is a considerable amount of money every month.

"It will bump his premiums up considerably, it's a real shame."

Vanessa says it has been "gut-wrenching" to know someone has either targeted the bike or opportunistically stolen it.

She explained: "It's not a very ladylike expression but I feel like I've been kicked in the teeth, it's a horrible, gut-wrenching feeling in your stomach.

"I've never had anything stolen, ever, and Luke hasn't slept.

"Apparently it can be fairly common, bike thefts, it's a horrible feeling, he's not had it for long.

"The chances of us being able to replace it are pretty non-existent."

It is believed by the family that the theft took place between 12am and 12pm on March 23.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "We can confirm that this was reported yesterday and officers will carry out enquiries.

"Around 1.45pm on Thursday, April 23, we received a report of a motorbike stolen earlier that day in Moray Park, Dalgety Bay."

Anyone who has any information can contact police using the crime reference number cr/0036348/23.

The bike's registration plate is SP72 YKB.