A TERRIFYING incident for one of the Pittencrieff Park peacocks has resulted in a call to keep dogs under control in the park.

The volunteers who run the Glen aviary have asked that walkers keep their pets on lead when around the sanctuary to keep the birds safe.

Newly installed CCTV caught the moment a dog bounded towards one of the Peacocks, Hamish, who has since been confirmed to be unharmed.

Several of the other birds who were within the outdoor fenced area of the aviary were also spooked and can be seen running for safety.

The birds were released for the first time on Sunday after being under lockdown due to fears around avian flu.

A spokesperson for the Peacocks in Pittencrieff Park group said: "Following an incident last night where an uncontrolled dog chased Hamish we are again imploring people to have their dogs on leads around the aviary.

"It's not a big ask, it's a huge public park and the birds safety is our top priority but we need help from the public."

In 2015, after the death of the then-town's oldest peacock, Clive, the Central Dunfermline Community Council chairman Jim Stewart stated that the group felt the "main cause of peacock demise is irresponsible dog owners."

And in 2019 both MSP Shirley-Anne Somerville and MP Douglas Chapman made a pleas for owners to keep their dogs on lead while using the Glen after "ongoing problems with dogs chasing peacocks" in the park.

Fife Council confirmed that park rules state that dogs should be kept under proper control or on a short lead.

Graeme Anderson, technical officer, said: "Most Pittencrieff park users are responsible dog walkers, and although we cannot enforce owners to keep their dogs on a lead, park rules state that dogs should be kept under proper control or on a short lead.

"There is additional signage posted by the volunteer group asking for dog owners to keep dogs on leads near the aviary building.

"Although we’ve a small team of Dog Wardens we’ve many more Safer Communities Officers who also patrol our streets and parks seven days a week.

"We ask all dog owners to keep their dogs under control whilst walking in public spaces.

"We would encourage anyone that has any concerns about dangerous dogs in the park to get in touch by calling 01592 583642 or emailing safercommunities.team@fife.gov.uk

"Action will be taken in line with the Control of Dogs Scotland Act if appropriate."