A TALENTED teenager who honed her skills on the track at Knockhill Racing Circuit is gearing up to race in a prestigious new series.

Chloe Grant, 17, will compete in the inaugural F1 Academy, a new project from Formula 1 that aims to develop and prepare female drivers to progress to higher levels of competition.

The Perth-based racer, who began her motorsport journey at the age of seven, has signed for ART Grand Prix ahead of the start of the single-seater championship, which begins at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria, on April 28-29.

The series will take Chloe and her fellow drivers to circuits in Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and France before its finale in Austin, Texas, United States, in October.

“When you’re young, you dream of it, but, as you get older, you think, nah, it’s not going to happen,” she told Press Sport during a ‘rising stars’ media event at Knockhill recently.

“I didn’t even think I was going to move up to cars, let alone race single seaters, and let alone be international. It’s a complete dream come true.

“I’m hoping this year will be my highlight, to show what I’m capable of, because I don’t think I’ve had that chance in cars yet. I’m very excited.

“I didn’t think I would ever have this opportunity, so a really big thank you to all my sponsors, the ART Grand Prix, and, of course, Formula 1, who made the championship.”

Stuart Gray, director of events at Knockhill, explained: “Scotland’s had a rich heritage of racing stars, and we’re delighted to have played a part in drivers such as Dario Franchitti and David Coulthard; they all drove their first cars here, and it’s exactly the same as the next generation, with Ronan Pearson and Chloe Grant.

“Chloe first came here as a 13-year-old and was go-karting. That’s when we met her first, and you could always pick out when somebody’s got that bit of ‘X Factor’, and both Chloe and Ronan have shown that, as evident by Chloe going to the F1 Academy by the age of 17, which is remarkable.

“It’s a new initiative by Formula 1 themselves; you couldn’t get better endorsement than that. Hopefully she will do well, and who knows what 2024 and 25 will bring.

“Equally, with Ronan, to land a plum drive in the championship winning team, with the reigning champion as your team-mate, that’s stuff of dreams.”