"ALL the love in the world" has been promised to one of the youngest members of Dunfermline's peacock population after volunteers received difficult news from vets.

Little Charley was born with deformities in her legs and lives at home with volunteer Carlyn Cane, though can often be seen sitting in the visitor's area at the aviary.

She has also been known to tour Dunfermline in a pram, and even attended celebrations when King Charles visited the city last year.

Carlyn and Suzi Ross, the lead warden at the peacock sanctuary, had always hoped for a "miracle" when it came to Charley, however vets have confirmed recently that her condition has deteriorated.

Dunfermline Press: Charley the peacock lives at home with volunteer Carlyn Cane after being born with leg problems. Charley the peacock lives at home with volunteer Carlyn Cane after being born with leg problems. (Image: Carlyn Cane)

A joint statement released last week read: "I wanted to give you all an update on our baby Charley.

"We had her at the vets last week for X-rays and review of her condition.

"Unfortunately I didn’t get the miracle I hoped for, now that she is older her X-rays are showing more clearly and her bones haven’t formed properly in both legs.

"Her femurs are basically missing the ends and her knees have arthritis and crepitus."

Charley isn't able to live with the other birds in the peacock aviary in the Glen due to her condition, but regularly visits with Carlyn and has become a well-known feature at the centre.

She has two brothers - Blu and Rory - and was hatched in an incubator as her mum had stopped sitting on her egg.

As a chick she was taken home to be cared for by Carlyn, who soon realised there was something wrong.

X-Rays found she had a curved femur and malformed hips while her knees dislocated every time she walked.

It was then that Carlyn decided Charley would remain at home with her instead of returning to the aviary in order to meet her medication needs and stop her having problems with the other birds.

The statement continued: "Her knees cannot straighten past 90 degrees and this is only going to get worse over time and there is nothing they can do.

"They will be introducing more meds, and we are to reduce her running around as much as we can.

"We don’t know how long until she is really bad, but I will continue her meds and as always all the love in the world until we feel she is too unwell."