WORKS to improve safety on two bridges which cross the railway line in Inverkeithing have been carried out.

Network rail recently assessed both the Harbour Branch and Port Street footbridges.

The first required a rapid response examination and repairs to two stairs.

A spokesperson for the rail operator confirmed that following the work "all treads should be remediated and the footbridge in safe working condition throughout."

The assessments came after concerns were raised by Councillor David Barratt after a rotten step was discovered.

The Port Street bridge was attended by asset engineers last month, who agreed it to be structurally sound.

The spokesperson added: "In addition to our planned cyclical examinations, our asset engineers visited Port Street Footbridge on March 22 and confirmed that at present, the footbridge looks to be structurally sound, with all stair treads and deck timbers secure and safe for public use.

"The anti-slip material was deemed to be in-tact throughout the footbridge, providing essentially a waterproof cover for the timbers and helps prevent deterioration.

"The footbridge will undergo an examination by our Structures Examination contractor around May this year and we will learn more about its condition then but at present our engineers are satisfied that the footbridge poses no risk to the safety of the public."

Assets are examined annually by Network Rail while the public is urged to contact its helpline if emerging defects are found.