A FUNDRAISING campaign to get a pump track project on track in Dalgety Bay has been launched.

It is estimated the destination facility will cost around £250,000 to complete which, it is hoped, can be raised through grants and donations.

The crowdfunder appeal is hoping to raise around £12,000 to help with initial efforts to bring the proposals to fruition.

Euan Gray, who is leading the Dalgety Community Trust-backed project, said they are aiming to buy track designs in the coming months to help them move forward.

"We are at a bit of a hiatus where we cannot do anything else until we have money in the account," he said. "My goal was to, by the end of April, have £1,000 through the crowdfunding or through a company donation so we could pay for the designs then we have got a local planning firm who have agreed they will do the work in terms of the planning.

"We are hoping to get two of our major funding applications back in September. That will dictate what is happening. If successful, then spring next year, spades should be in the ground."

Pump tracks have become popular across the country due to their flexibility, most wheeled sports equipment can be used on them and when used properly, riders will not need to pedal or push to maintain momentum.

"They are a bit like BMX tracks but dumbed down," explained Euan. "It is for any set of wheels, any ages, any abilities.

"We wanted to incorporate designs which meant the user would feel comfortable going up to the next level. It is not just for bikes. It is for anyone who wants to get out and get active."

Anyone wanting to find out more, or donate, can do so by visiting the Dalgety Community Trust Facebook page or www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/dalgety-bay-community-pump-track.