An area of fly tipping, anti-social behaviour, and safety concerns near Inverkeithing is finally receiving the long sought attention of Fife Council. 

Five years after the area was flagged as an issue, the South and West Area Committee has finally allocated nearly £12,000 to replace 106 metres of fencing between Waggon Road and the Keithing burn embankment.

The Inverkeithing community council raised concerns about access to the burn, the drop at the corner of King St, Waggon Road, young people climbing over the damaged fence to access this area, dumping of rubbish, shopping trolleys, etc. and other maintenance issues as far back as 2018. 

“Both the Community Council and Ward 6 councillors at the time felt that the fence needed to be repaired, reinstated to avoid some of the above and the Waggon Road area adjacent to the burn tidied up,” a committee report stated. 

However, the fence replacement has been held up by questions over land ownership and responsibility.

In 2019, it was confirmed that the area was adopted by Fife Council. However, officers said that the pandemic stalled further progress until March of this year when final costs were calculated. 

“The project has been discussed on numerous occasions over the years with ward councillors and, more recently, at the Ward 6 meeting in April. All councillors agreed to proceed with the work and seek area committee approval to fund it,” the report said.  “This is an opportunity to improve the Waggon Road, Keithing Burn area whilst addressing community safety concerns that have been raised.”

Councillor Brian Goodall (SNP) said he was very happy to support the project. 

The committee approved the funding with no objections. The project will receive £11,559 from the local community planning budget.