AN ABERDOUR couple raised issues including food tourism and opportunities in the hospitality sector with local MSP Annabelle Ewing this week.

The politician visited constituent Wendy Barrie who, along with her husband Bosse Dahlgren, is the driving force behind Scottish Food Guide, an independently funded quality assured guide to many of Scotland’s best food producers and places to eat.

Ms Ewing said: “Wendy and Bosse began the Scottish Food Guide in 2002 and it has been championing family businesses and locally-sourced food since then.

"Two years ago, I was delighted to welcome the launch of the Scottish Food Guide Charter, a useful development in the recognition of the growing importance of food tourism and of celebrating Scotland’s food culture.

“So, it was a real pleasure to visit them at home in Aberdour, the headquarters of the Scottish Food Guide. We had an interesting and wide-ranging talk, covering many topics including the importance of celebrating Scotland’s food culture and one of their latest projects, their book, ‘Meadows: The Swedish Farmer & The Scottish Cook’.

“Wendy and Bosse's approach of concern for the environment, care in the sourcing of produce and recognition of the importance of skill and flair in the production and cooking of artisan food speaks to a real commitment to quality, provenance and sustainability."

Wendy said they were pleased to welcome the Cowdenbeath MSP.

"Scottish Food Guide is an independently funded, quality-assured guide to many of the food producers and places to eat in Scotland," she said.

“We had a valuable discussion on Scotland’s future, food tourism and equal opportunities throughout the hospitality sector. It was a pleasure, and Annabelle’s support is always appreciated.”