CAIRNEYHILL primary school will not reap the benefits if a 70-home property development is given the go-ahead to the west of the village.

Community benefits resulting from the Ogilvie Homes project will instead be awarded to St Margaret's RC Primary in Dunfermline.

MSP Shirley-Anne Somerville has called for those making the decision to reconsider and think again on how funding will be distributed.

She said: "Cairneyhill Primary is not only an excellent school, but also has a well-respected ASN department, in addition to hosting a good number of local community activities and sports clubs.

"That's why I have written to the local authority to ask if they will reconsider their decision to deny the school additional funding.

Dunfermline Press: Cairneyhill Primary School.Cairneyhill Primary School. (Image: Michelle Miller)

"It's clear this development will become an integral part of Cairneyhill and I don't believe the community should be losing out here."

The community council says the ruling "must be reversed".

Chris Smith, Chair, said: "Cairneyhill Primary and Community School is a focal point for education and the centre for a host of activities within our community.

"We have great respect for St Margaret's but by any test of reasonableness the planning gain should go to Cairneyhill Primary, as that is where the development is taking place."

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Shelagh McLean, Fife Council’s head of education and children’s services, explained that developer contributions are used to help make sure schools are able to cope with any extra demand on capacity resulting directly from new housing.

She said: "School roll projections indicate there is no capacity issue expected at Cairneyhill PS as a result of this new development.

"However, this is anticipated to be the case for St Margaret’s RC PS, so contributions from development sites will be expected to help address any impacts there."