DUCKHILL Dog Park is officially up and running after taking the lead from Fife Council.

Last week the local authority granted a completion of development certificate for the canine exercise facility between Cairneyhill and Oakley.

Planning permission was granted in February and work to prepare the farmland, after the change of use was granted, has all been done and the park opened.

In her application Ms Colleen Cooper explained that she wanted to create a "peaceful place" to exercise dogs.

The four-acre site off Sunnyside Road is in the countryside, just to the north of the Forrester Park Golf Resort in Cairneyhill and south of Oakley.

Owners can book a slot and the business is managed from Duckhill Farmhouse.

A similar proposal near Saline has run into some opposition from local residents, but the council were happy to let this dog park go ahead.

A report explained: "A considerable level of noise is likely to be generated from the proposed development, given the nature of the proposal.

"However, in light of the remote location of the site and the absence of any noise sensitive properties nearby, there is unlikely to be any detrimental impact in regard to noise pollution as a result of the development."