A DEMONSTRATION for worker's rights is set to take place at the Dunfermline Recycling Centre at Wellwood tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Representatives from Unite the Union, Unison and the GMB are all expected to join workers at the protest.

Fife Convener for Unite the Union, John Gillespie, said they will be standing up for the rights of employees against Cireco Scotland who operate the recycling service as an arms-length company on behalf of Fife Council.

The organisation provides sustainable resource management solutions for the local authority and many local businesses, handling over 220,000 tonnes of material per year.

Mr Gillespie said: "Our members are of the opinion that they are taking profit before people – it is all about profit for them.

"They are taking profit before health and safety and trying to union bust (where members are not encouraged to be part of a union).

"It will be a peaceful demonstration and there will be support from the Fife Trade Union Council."

Mr Gillespie said attempts to resolve issues have, so far, taken too long or been ignored.

"It can take up to six months to give us a response and on numerous occasions, they have not got back to us," he added.

Cireco Scotland's Chief Executive Officer, Robin Baird, said they are aware that "unofficial" action is planned but have not had any formal notification from Trade Unions as to the purpose of the demonstration or areas of concern.

“We hold regular meetings with our trade union colleagues, including six weekly health and safety forum meetings and joint trade unions can raise and evidence any concerns with us at any time via a dedicated email box which are then addressed and responded to," he said.

“I can reassure that we take health and safety of our employees very seriously. Robust systems are in place to ensure boxes and skips are assessed at every uplift by the drivers collecting them.

"Drivers are aware all defects are to be reported which allows us to quarantine any defective container until inspected and any necessary repairs carried out. This is to ensure the safety of site users, staff and the suitability of the containers for their intended purpose.

“In 2022/23 we continued to spend significant sums on repairs, refurbishment and replacement of boxes and containers and this investment will continue in the coming years.

“We welcome the positive contributions made from our employees and their representatives in continuing to maintain a positive safety culture that allows for continuous improvement in all that we do, and the positive economic impact we have within Fife.”