POTHOLES, rusty railings, and a crumbling pink wall will all be dealt with after an estates management walkabout in Inverkeithing.

Organised by councillor Sarah Neal, residents, council officers, and other councillors were invited to look at issues around Manse Road, Forth View and Whinnyhill.

The result has been a promise to sand and repaint railings in the area and, in the summer, repair a disintegrating wall which has been causing problems for householders.

Cllr Neal said: "When I first became a councillor some of the first people who visited our surgery in Inverkeithing were from Forth View and Manse Street complaining about the state of the pavements, the railings.

"I went to take a look and it's clear that a lot of the residents are taking really good care of their gardens and the council needed to do a bit more.

"I asked the head of housing for an estates management walk about just to make sure we were doing all we could.

"That took place a couple of Fridays ago and it was really good, we could see at Forth View there were brambles which were going all over the pavement and were a trip hazard had been cut back.

"But, there were still a lot of rusty railings and if pensioners are going up and down they really need to hold on and someone could damage their hand.

"We got a commitment from housing that they would brush down all the railings and repaint, we organised refuse collection for people who had dumped mattresses and things like that.

"We spoke to some local people who had some complaints but were really happy to see us out and about, so that was good, I think it's important people feel listened to even if they don't get a response the same day because of resources.

A roads team also attended to look at pavements and assess the roads in the area.

Cllr Neal is now planning to arrange similar sessions for Ridge Way, Spencerfield Road, and Spittalfield Road.