AN "EYE-WATERING" £500,000 worth of tablets and iPads were removed from Fife schools and disposed of in the last two years. 

More than 1,500 of the devices were taken out of classrooms - the full council meeting last week wasn't told how many had been replaced - because they were out of date. 

Dunfermline councillor James Calder said: "Schools such as Masterton Primary in my ward have lost their iPads despite them still being useful for the school.

Dunfermline Press: Councillor James Calder said Fife Council had thrown out £500,000 of old iPads.Councillor James Calder said Fife Council had thrown out £500,000 of old iPads.


"These were also funded through the work of their parent council.

"While the council policy notes that they weren't supported by Apple any more, I would argue that they could be disconnected from the internet and still be used.

"Not only would this cost over £500,000 to replace, an eye-watering amount, but it is hitting our children's education and flying in the face of our commitments to environmental sustainability."

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He had asked a question at the council meeting and was told that 705 iPads were removed from 81 schools in 2021-22 and another 804 from 71 schools in 2022-23. 

Cllr Cara Hilton, the education spokesperson for the council, added: "All of these devices were over seven years old, therefore they were no longer supported by Apple security updates. 

"Most apps will no longer run on them and they would have had issues connecting to Fife Council infrastructure. 

"Once iPads reach their end of life they are securely wiped and disposed of."

Cllr Calder replied: "I previously worked in a company that dealt pretty exclusively with iPads and there are ways of making them more usable for a longer time."

He asked for, and received, an assurance that the council would look at more sustainable ways of dealing with older devices.