IT was hailed as a coup for Fife but the first firm in Scotland to recycle 'soft plastics' has gone bust. 

Council leader David Ross confirmed last week that Yes Recycling could soon be no more after plunging into administration. 

Last February it was green for go with the local authority hailing the £470,000 machine they'd bought and placed in Dunfermline to help re-use items such as plastic bags, bubble wrap, cling film and ready meal wrappers. 

Previously they couldn't be recycled or collected in the green bin but that all changed, with the plastics sorted and baled in Dunfermline before being taken to Yes Recycling in Glenrothes.

Dunfermline Press: The ‘Tomra Optical Sorter’ in Dunfermline sorts and bales soft plastics for recycling.The ‘Tomra Optical Sorter’ in Dunfermline sorts and bales soft plastics for recycling. (Image: Fife Council)

At the full council meeting Cllr Ross said it was "very disappointing" that the firm had gone into administration. 

He went on: "Yes Recycling operated a state of the art recycling facility in Glenrothes that took previously unrecyclable plastic films and turned them into a replacement for plywood.

"Our economic development colleagues are working closely with the administrators, Grant Thornton, to find a positive outcome for the business.

"Fife residents will be able to continue recycling plastic film as alternative outlets are available."

Last February, environment spokesperson, Cllr Ross Vettraino, had hailed the new ‘Tomra Optical Sorter’, which was bought thanks to funding from the Scottish Government. 

He had said: "Fife Council is leading the way and is the first council in Scotland to offer a kerbside collection service for soft plastics.

“Plastics including plastic bags, vegetable bags and wrappers, the film from the top of ready meal trays, plus pet food pouches and bubble wrap can now be deposited in the green bins.”