A TEENAGER who helps to care for Dunfermline's peacocks is to be recognised with an award for her knowledge of animal care.

Kerry Duncanson, 16, studies NC Animal Care at Elmwood College and has been named as Best Student in her red group.

She is due to receive her award at a ceremony in June.

Earlier this month Kerry was given the opportunity to attend Fife's official celebration for the Coronation of King Charles III as recognition for her volunteer efforts.

Her mum, Yolanda Pearson, said: "Kerry has always had a huge interest in animals, spending time with them whenever she can and sharing her knowledge with family and friends.

"Kerry left school after fourth year as school was not for her.

"She wanted to study Animal Care at Elmwood and she wanted to do more work with animals, so she approached Suzi Ross at Peacocks in Pittencrieff Park and has been volunteering with them for around a year.

"She loves spending time with the birds and is often in the aviary even when not on shift."

She continued: "Kerry started off caring for the birds, helping with cleaning and feeding but soon gained confidence and began doing shifts when the public were visiting the aviary, sharing her knowledge and love for the birds with them.

"She helped to look after Louis when he was recovering and ‘bird’ sits Charley when Carlyn (Cane) has things on.

"Kerry has gained so much confidence and now has a vast knowledge of the peafowl thanks to Suzi, Carlyn and the dedicated volunteer team."

"I am a very proud mum and have absolutely loved watching her grow with the peacocks team."