The first photograph in this week’s trip down West Fife’s Memory Lane is from 1964 and shows ‘Billy the Cockatoo’ that was one of the birds that could be seen in the Aviary in Pittencrieff Park.

The cockatoo accepted coins from children and hid them in gaps in the bricks around its cage, and these substantial funds were then donated to local charities.

Elaine McLuckie remembers visiting: “This photo brings back so many childhood memories of Billy the cockatoo. I spent almost every weekend in the glen visiting the animals. I remember Billy hiding coins and I seem to recall that he also had a wee box that he put coins through a slot when he took them from us”.

Dunfermline Press: The aviary in Pittencrieff Park.The aviary in Pittencrieff Park. (Image: Contributed)

Our next photograph shows the aviary that was one of the most popular features of Pittencrieff Park in the past, housing a variety of birds and animals for visitors to see and enjoy. Other popular draws for children in the building were monkeys, lizards, snakes, parrots and fish.

The building is presently being used by a team of volunteers as a centre for reintroducing peacocks into the park.

Dick Glasgow remembers working there: “I was lucky enough to be in charge of the aviaries for a couple of years back in the early 70s. I lived in a wee house by the East gate. Hatching out Peafowl eggs in an incubator and hand rearing them. We bred a few birds while I was there, including Golden Mantled Rosellas and yes Billy, the Blue-and-yellow Macaw. It was great fun.”

The photograph also brings back memories for Ian Robert Johnston: “Tanks of fish were in the walls as you entered the building. I think the cages on one side had budgies, monkeys, cockatoos and parrots. Certainly remember giving a penny to Billy the Cockatoo.”

Dunfermline Press: Pittencrieff Park duck pond.Pittencrieff Park duck pond. (Image: Contributed)

Christine Munday moved away from Dunfermline over 50 years ago but still retains great memories of the Glen: “I remember this from the 1950s when my parents used to take my elder brother and I down the Glen during the school holidays We used to live in Lochore and moved down south in 1972 and haven't been in the Glen since, but I still have fond memories.”

Douglas Currie remembers another attraction that was situated nearby: “There also used to be a second set of cages just south of the aviary that had rabbits and guinea pigs which was also fun for the really little kids. I used to live on Chalmers Street and I have vivid memories of seeing peacocks in my parents back garden. I think that it is wonderful that they are being re-introduced.”

Dunfermline Press: Pittencrieff Park sand pit.Pittencrieff Park sand pit. (Image: Contributed)

Our next image is an old postcard showing the Duck Pond in Pittencrieff Park and the last image is a postcard showing an attraction for children in the early days when the Glen had a sandpit.

More photographs like these can be seen in Dunfermline Carnegie Library and Galleries as well as at

With thanks to Frank Connelly