ROSYTH'S Forth Hedgehog Hospital raised £701 towards a move to new premises with a fundraising fair on Sunday.

Held in the Rosyth Bowling Club, the event offered a spread of tea, coffee and home baking and some delightful crafts, hedgehog-themed goodies and even a tombola.

Nadia Al-Dujaili, who runs the hospital from her Middlebank Street home, told the Press: "We had the whole bowling club, so it was great, it's a big hall so we had about seven tables worth of stuff. It was really good, and we had quite a few people come along."

Despite raising over £700 from the event and receiving an amazing £5,485 in donations on her GoFundMe page, Nadia needs around £100,000, maybe even more, to move the hospital onto new land, away from the flooding.

She said: "I'm raising the money so that we can move and get better premises, one with more space. It's a bit of a dream really, but that's what we'd hoped for, a bit of land and building away from the flooding.

"That's what spurred me on, it was on the cards for the next five to eight years, but I brought it forward due to the flooding issues and I'm hoping in the next couple of years to get something sorted.

"The target on the GoFundMe page is £100,000 and that would be for the property and all the grounds but obviously it could be more. I've not counted in legal fees, I haven't really looked into all that stuff yet, we're going to have to go to a mortgage advisor or a solicitor to try to sort out how it all works.

"I've never done anything like it before so I'm going to need to go get advice from someone."

Not only is flooding an issue, but with an increase in demand the Hedgehog Hospital is slowly taking over her house.

"I take in over 200 a year now," she said. "I started in 2014 and took in 52 in total over the year. I think it was 238 last year, so I'm taking in well over 200 a year now.

"We need a bit more space, I've got a couple of hogs that can't be released into the wild, so I'd like to have a bit of space for them, a walled off section. I've got an aviary and other outdoor enclosures as well that take up space and at the moment everything is sort of crammed in together in a small space. It can get quite frustrating sometimes.

"I've got cat food stacked in my living room, I've got newspapers stacked in my kitchen and I can't get to my cooker because of the piles of paperwork!

"I'd like it all to be confined in one space, to be neat and a bit more professional."

Nadia hopes to move to new premises within the next couple of years and will be organising more fundraising events.

She will be at the Rosyth Gala on Saturday, May 27, and from there she will be looking to host another event at the end of August and then beginning of December just in time for Christmas.

To donate to the cause and help Nadia move the hospital into a bigger and flood-free home, visit