A DUNFERMLINE man says he is “going round in circles” trying to get something done about damp in his council property.

Mark Rutherford said he first contacted Fife Council five years ago to get something done about wet walls near the front door and in the bathroom of his Robertson Road property but he is still waiting.

“They seem to do the same thing every six to nine months,” he explained.

“They send someone out saying ‘That needs done and that needs done, we will get someone to look at that’, then nothing happens.

“Then they come back and say they need to get someone to look at this and the same happens. It has been going on for years.”

Mr Rutherford continued: “It is really bad as I have got health issues as well.

“I spoke to the council about six months ago and they put me in touch with a company that is supposed to be doing something about it but still nothing.

“For years and years, it has been the same cycle. It is embarrassing when you bring someone to the door.”

Fife Council’s housing manager for the Dunfermline area, Lynne Johnston, confirmed they were trying to address the issue.

“We’ve carried out extensive works to the exterior of this property, replacing cast iron rhones, plastic downpipes and repairing lintels and soffits,” she explained.

“Our specialist damp contractors have also surveyed the property and recommended a series of damp proofing work is carried out. We’ve asked them to carry out this work and will follow this up with them as a matter of urgency.”

The issue of mould and dampness in Fife Council properties was raised in the Scottish parliament by Cowdenbeath MSP Annabelle Ewing this week.

She said people should not have to be putting up with “damp and mouldy” homes.

“Fife Council’s own survey has shown the extent of the problem being caused by mould and damp in council houses in my constituency, and I was dismayed to learn that the timescale for remedial action – which I had been told would be carried out by this month – has been delayed.

“Indeed, the work appears to have fallen so far off Fife Council’s radar that there is now no indication at all as to when this much needed work will be completed.

“I very much welcome the commitment given by Paul MacLennan, the housing minister, to take the matter up with Fife Council and I look forward to hearing further on that.

“A damp and mouldy house is simply not something that people should have to put up with in 21st century Scotland.”