A DUNFERMLINE gas and heating engineering company is offering free boiler services to those who need them in June.

Every Friday next month RGM Heating Ltd hope to complete at least one boiler service completely free of charge for those in the Dunfermline, Rosyth and surrounding areas who are living in fuel poverty or are aged 80 years old and over.

Graeme Robertson, the Director of RGM Heating, told the Press: "Ever since we started, we always wanted to give back to the local community and charities. From the very first job we did, we used to donate £25 on every install to a local charity.

"Then we moved on to planting trees and we're also involved in a thing called The Community Heating Project. We've always got a sort of community, charitable arm to the business and it's something we always wanted to do as the business grows, we always want to help out in the local community and area as much as we can.

"I've noticed more and more now with the cost of living crisis and energy bills that people are struggling a lot more than they were before and I'm finding that it's people who work full time and own their own house and things like that, these people are struggling a lot more."

Graeme and his team came together to think of a way they could help and they decided that by offering this £90 service to those who need it for free was a great way to do this.

A boiler service is recommended yearly and helps ensure that your boiler is running safely and efficiently. Not only would this help you save on bills, it could help save your life if Graeme's team detects a carbon monoxide leak.

He continued: "We actually came across someone in the last six months through the community heating project where we got referred the details. Their boiler wasn't working for a year or something and we turned up and it was leaking carbon monoxide. We managed to get to it and fix it in time but that could have been fatal if it was left for another few months."

Another way that a service could help with costs in the future is that engineers could catch a small issue that later, months down the line, could have turned into a major repair, costing hundreds to fix.

"We're just trying to raise awareness on how important services are to people." He said. "We understand it's not a top priority, you just want to feed your family and heat your home. We understand its not at the top of people's priority list but it is a vital service."

There is no minimum or maximum number of services available as it will depend on the number of inquiries that RGM receive, but they do guarantee to complete at least five services throughout June, one each Friday, as long as the demand is there.

To apply for the initiative, please email Office@rgmheating.co.uk with your name, address, contact number and why you would like to apply for the RGM Heating Initiative.

Alternatively, call them on 01383 435 993.

People can also recommend friends or family member who they feel would benefit from a free service.