A GROUP of volunteers from Lloyds Bank have helped to spruce up Dunfermline's peacock aviary.

The team of staff members helped with ground work around the Pittencrieff Park aviary, including planting flowers at the memorial garden for Malcolm, the bird killed in an attack nearly 12 months ago.

It is hoped that a remembrance area can be created around his grave site to mark the one year anniversary of his death on May 31.

A spokesperson for the Peacocks in Pittencrieff Park group said: "We’ve been delighted to welcome corporate volunteers from Lloyds Bank.

"One of our senior peacock wardens, Paula Hooper, is also an employee of the bank.

"She arranged the visit last week.

"They completed various tasks including painting the aviary entrance, planting flowers in the memorial garden and building a new sandpit, which helps the birds keep their feathers clean.

"The project was supervised by peacocks Hamish and Andrew.

"Everyone enjoyed getting to know them and helping out their local community."