MOBILE internet connection will reach new heights in Inverkeithing if plans to replace a telecommunications mast are approved.

Cornerstone, the firm supporting the UK Government's bid to improve 5G services, want to replace the current 15m pole on Chapel Place with a new 20m high structure.

The site is not directly overlooked, the nearest houses are approximately 60 metres away, and there is other street furniture in the area.

The upgrade would involve the replacement and repositioning of the existing monopole and antennas with a 20m streetworks monopole and antennas, while two equipment cabinets would also be replaced and moved.

Another three cabinets would be removed. 

A supporting statement, attached to the planning application submitted to Fife Council, read: "The design has been influenced by the significant wish to reduce the environmental impact of network development upon this area, while at the same time, delivering the social and economic benefits that enhanced connectivity boosts, such as; facilitating education, providing access to vital services, improving communications with the associated commercial benefits for local businesses, enabling e-commerce and working from home, as well as enjoying access to social, media and gaming for leisure time activities."

It continued: "2019 saw the introduction of 5G services, with the Government’s ambition for the UK to become a world leader in this technology. 5G Connectivity will ensure that everyone benefits from early advantages of its potential and that the UK creates a world-leading digital economy that works for all.

"5G is the new generation of wireless technology that will deliver reliable and faster networks of the future, changing how we understand wireless connectivity.

"The technology will see us all move from something we experience through personal devices to an integrated infrastructure across buildings, transport and utilities.

"The new technology will provide enormous benefits for citizens, businesses and urban regions alike.

"5G will also offer a new level of underlying connectivity to transform services and create new digital ecosystems."