A DRUNK taxi passenger repeatedly pulled the driver’s face covering causing him to lose control of his car at 70mph.

The culprit, Lyndsay Craig, 39, of King Street, Cowdenbeath, has now been sentenced at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

She was being taken home from a wedding when she committed the offence.

Craig admitted that on September 12, 2021 on the A92 between the Halbeath and Cowdenbeath junctions, she culpably and recklessly grabbed the face covering of the taxi driver whilst he was driving, causing him to be pulled away from the steering wheel and pedals.

This resulted in him losing control of the vehicle, exposing him and other road users to serious injury.

Depute fiscal Amy Robertson said the taxi driver was wearing a face covering because of Covid restrictions.

He had gone to Charlestown to pick up two men and Craig from a function.

He dropped off the men at Pattiesmuir then continued on the journey, taking Craig to Cowdenbeath.

However, on the way there she started lunging forwards from the back seat and grabbing the driver’s face covering when he was travelling at 70mph.

This happened on three separate occasions. When he told her to stop, Craig shouted: “Don’t you tell me what to do.”

The driver “felt like he was being choked” said the depute.

He managed to complete the journey and dropped her off.

He later reported the matter to the police and Craig told officers: “I’m sorry. I don’t even remember doing it.”

Defence solicitor Callum Harris said: “She’s got a very limited recollection, if any at all.

"She’d been at a wedding and was in a state of intoxication at the time.

“She’s extremely ashamed and remorseful for her actions.”

Depute fiscal Francis Gill told Craig: “There could have been catastrophic consequences for you, the driver and other road users.” He fined her £570.