A UKRAINIAN woman who moved to Dunfermline is holding another event to raise funds for the troops in Ukraine. 

Svitlana Iniakoviene has been running events like this since November last year, raising money for the Ukrainian Army which her brother is serving in. 

Dunfermline Press: Svitlana in front of an image of her brother, who is on the frontlines in Ukraine

This time, she is adding a new element into the mix and will be hosting a food fair alongside her concert, Intertwined. 

She told the Press: “Ukrainian Cuisine will be presented for the first time at St Cuthberts, there will be a huge variety of different traditional dishes.

“We will start with Ukrainian Cuisine; it will be a food fair and then at 5pm our concert begins and will finish at 6:40pm.

“We’ll have one more additional hour for Ukrainian Cuisine after the concert so our guests will have a great opportunity to try everything.”

Svitlana is encouraging West Fifers to come along and join the rest of Scotland in supporting her country at The Parish Church of St Cuthbert on Lothian Road in Edinburgh from 3pm to 7:30pm on Saturday, June 3.

There will be traditional food such as stuffed small pies with berries, potatoes, mushrooms, meat pies, Ukrainian pastries, Kyiv cake, stuffed cabbage, borscht – a red beetroot soup - and a lot of sweet treats.

The concert will feature both Scottish and Ukrainian Folk music from the likes of Karina and Kristina Avalyan on the grand piano, the amazing Scottish folk duo; Alasdair on the guitar and Sophie who sings and plays the clarinet, Natalya Lyalyuk, a Ukrainian folk artist and public figure and more.

Dunfermline Press: The previous Intertwined Concert at St Cuthberts

She continued: “I’ve already done several grand events at St Cuthberts and have built a trustworthy relationship with the church’s leaders and the community.

“They are very supportive and offered us this wonderful venue for the concert. Every time I do fundraising events, we raise funds that are still urgently needed to support Ukrainians.

“This time the funds will go towards assisting our brave drone operators in their dangerous reconnaissance missions and equipping a laundry bus for the hardest hit territories.”

With the money raised, Svitlana and her team will purchase an old bus from Lothian Busses in Edinburgh and convert it into a laundromat on wheels.

She added: “I’m sure that it will be a one of a kind event, not only in Edinburgh but in Scotland. I’m sure that this event will be one of unforgettable evening of music, storytelling and cultural exchange.

“We have so much to share!”

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