A ROSYTH man committed a series of disturbances including on a bus, outside a pub and some involving emergency service workers.

Anthony Williamson, 53, of Norval Place, has a habit of phoning the ambulance service claiming he needs help then acts aggressively when they arrive.

He also got involved in a struggle with a female worker at Ferrytoll park and ride after trying to start a fight with another bus passenger.

Williamson appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court having admitted repeatedly offending.

On June 29, 2020 at Ferrytoll park and ride, Hope Street, Inverkeithing, on a bus from Edinburgh, he shouted, swore, made threats of violence, acted aggressively, challenged someone to fight, refused to get off and struggled with a female employee.

On May 20 last year at Guildhall Street, Dunfermline, he acted aggressively, shouted, swore, made threats of violence and kicked out at a police constable.

On June 23 last year at Pitreavie Way, Dunfermline, he repeatedly shouted, swore and acted aggressively towards two ambulance workers and police officers.

On June 26 last year at Kings Road, Rosyth, he shouted, swore, acted aggressively and made threats of violence towards police officers.

Depute fiscal Amy Robertson said Williamson has a history of calling for an ambulance claiming he is ill.

However, when ambulance staff turn up they find him acting aggressively towards them.

In one incident in Dunfermline, they went to his aid and found him in the street outside a pub trying to pick a fight with someone.

He also told a police officer, “I’ll rip your f****** throat out” in another disturbance.

In the bus incident, Williamson had told a passenger to turn down the music on his phone and called him “a clown”.

He then told the man to get off the bus at Ferrytoll to “sort this out, me and you”.

When a female supervisor at the bus station spoke to Williamson he told her to “f** off” and started struggling with her.

Defence solicitor Peter Robertson said: “The intake of alcohol is linked to all the offences.”

Sheriff Francis Gill noted that Williamson is currently deemed unfit to do unpaid work and has no money to pay a fine.

In these circumstances he deferred sentence until August 16 to see if there are more disposal options open at that time.