NEARLY 100 people have joined a union following a recruitment drive at Mowi in Rosyth.

The Bakers Union (BFAWU) now plan to recruit food workers from bakeries in West Fife as part of a wider effort to increase membership across Scotland.

The organisation says a recent survey showed the extent to which food workers are struggling in the midst of the cost of living crisis.

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Mark McHugh, Scottish Organiser for BFAWU, said joining a trade union always helps workers and that food workers need the protection of a trade union more now than ever.

"Our union is keen to support food workers across Fife and the rest of the country. We offer food workers protection and promise them a campaigning union that will fight for them in their workplaces," he said.

"We will stop any employer from abusing their sick pay scheme and any rogue employers that prevent workers from enjoying their most basic of human rights, such as going to the toilet before their breaks."

"We will also fight for higher wages so that they can afford to meet their basic needs and lead a life of dignity. If we meet the legal obligation for union membership we will collectively bargain for them and when this happens it invariably leads to increased wages.

"There are major food industry employers in the area that are often non-unionised. We are pleased to be continuing to work across Fife to help encourage food workers to join our trade union so that we can protect them, and increase their wages, in their workplace.”

Joanna Peeling, head of HR at MOWI Scotland, previously told the Press that some workers at the Rosyth facility were represented by unions.

“MOWI is supportive of employees’ rights to form and/or join a union and to seek collective representation, should they so wish," she said.

"Colleagues here are already members of a number of unions and we are cautious of removing the choice those individuals have made on who they prefer to represent them.

"We are very committed to creating and sustaining the best possible working environment for all our employees, with safe, secure and rewarding work, whether or not they choose to seek union representation."