CANMORE Primary School has landed a top prize and a fun-packed day out at Fife Airport after winning a national challenge.

The event, organised by Aero Space Kinross, involved around 2,000 pupils from 84 primary and 20 high schools across Scotland.

Prizes include an immersive aviation day of flights in a light aeroplane built at Kinross High School in 2018 (G-OASK), Q&A sessions with a number of aerospace professionals, guided drone-flight training with Airborne Platforms UK and a chance to sit in a glider.

Canmore was named as grand prize winner and pupils attended the airport over two fun-packed days.

The Schools Air Race Challenge was initially launched in June 2022 and is designed for P6 to S3 students to participate in a unique aerospace engineering contest designed by Aero Space Scientific Education Trust’s senior education team.

Entrants were asked to explore the principles of engineering, forces, organising and displaying data, problem solving and design and also to develop great teamwork and collaboration skills with fellow class members and their teachers.

Hannah Nisbet, science educator, said: "We have been extremely impressed by the number of schools who have taken time to engage in our project right across Scotland.

"The quality of entries was extremely high. It just goes to show how much STEM learning potential we have out there – with the aim of inspiring STEM career opportunities in the future.

"We are now working on our next big schools challenge and coupled with our second school build-a-plane project we are looking forward to a full calendar of STEM related events this year."

Primary classes who were successful in the entry competition were sent a a set of Quadcopter drones and were given a series of engineering and design challenges to complete, including lifting a payload, constructing and navigating an obstacle course and creating a visual design for their drone.

Secondary classes were sent a set of PowerUp 4.0 smartphone controlled paper airplanes and the pupils were given a series of engineering and design challenges to complete, including designing a set of successful wings and creating a visual design for their plane.