THE radio station serving Dunfermline and West Fife has been put under threat of closure due to rising costs and declining income.

Radio West Fife started as a hospital radio station and for the last 13 years has acted as a community channel for the region.

Funding is sourced through donations, fundraising, advertising and sponsorship.

However, after pandemic restrictions brought an end to many 'in-person' events, the station has struggled to stay afloat.

Allan Brown, of Radio West Fife, said: "The last three years have seen many challenges as the pandemic restrictions hit many of our traditional fundraising events and opportunities and then the recent cost of living challenge we are all experiencing has seen our costs increase while, at the same time, our income has declined.

"The sad fact is that, without a significant input of cash Radio West Fife will close down taking the city of Dunfermline's only locally based radio station away and depriving the community of an asset.

"As a new city we believe Dunfermline should have its own radio station and its own, distinctive voice."

He says that the station is "wholly dependent on the community" for funding and that its closure would be detrimental to the charities and groups it works with.

He added: "We know the last few years have been tough on everyone. The pandemic affected us all in many ways.

"Over that time, many of the events where we could raise funds were cancelled and most have not restarted.

"Our operating costs have increased as our income has dropped, and the harsh fact is, without an immediate improvement in our finances we will have to close and the city of Dunfermline will lose its community radio station.

"We know there are lots of charities and causes our listeners support and there are lots of appeals but we hope that some of you can spare something to keep Radio West Fife broadcasting and keep community radio in Dunfermline and West Fife."

A quiz night has been organised at Abbeyview Bowling Club tomorrow (Friday) to help kickstart fundraising.

It will take place at 7.30pm and the maximum number of people in a team is six. It will cost £2 per team member to take part.

A JustGiving page has also been set up.