PITTENCRIEFF Park has welcomed its newest resident after the first birth of the season at the peacock aviary.

Little Skout was born on June 4 to proud peahen Katie and dad Louis, who was severely injured in an attack on the sanctuary just one year ago.

While volunteers won't be able to tell the sex of the chick for another 12 weeks, it has already been named by warden Suzi Ross to reflect the names of both its parents.

Skout's egg was hatched after being transferred to the care of peahen Patsy after Katie did not take to sitting.

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Carlyn Cane, one of the volunteers, told the Press: "We are delighted to have been blessed with a beautiful baby, born on Sunday, June 4, which is also Katie's birthday.

"The egg was one of Katie and Louis’ but due to Katie not sitting on any eggs these were taken away.

"Patsy, Kaylee and Zoe have all laid eggs but in the same place this year which is unusual and this led to fighting which we believe damaged a lot of the eggs, leading to them being unviable.

"So, we decided to put Katie's eggs under both girls and to our delight little Skout was born under Patsy who has been an amazing surrogate mum.

"Skout was named by Suzi and the name is a combination of letters from Louis and Katie's names, due to not being able to tell the sex of a chick until they are 12-14 weeks old, she has chosen a neutral name."

Dunfermline Press: Katie (left) and Louis (right)Katie (left) and Louis (right) (Image: Carlyn Cane)

Another bird, Zoe, is currently sitting on seven eggs which are hoped to hatch at the end of this month.

Carlyn added: "Skout is a very special baby, not only being the first baby of Louis but also due to their markings."

While Louis is an Indian Blue split white, Katie is an Indian Blue White.

If Skout is a male bird, he will be a combination of blue and white.