THREE West Fife venues have been highlighted in a food and drink tour of the region.

Saline Shaw Farm Shop and Cafe, Sundial Cafe in Limekilns and 1703 in Dunfermline have all been named in the innovative project between Geotourist and Dr Keith Dinnie, from the University of Dundee.

Fife Council's tour features a total of 20 farm shops, restaurants, cafes and more. The project, which was finish at the end of May, has been extended and is set to run throughout the summer and beyond.

Councillor Altany Craik, spokesperson for Finance, Economy & Strategic Planning, Fife Council, said: "Partnerships like this are very important to the development and growth of tourism in Fife, and we are very pleased to be involved in the project.

"We have lots of great tourism products in Fife and food and drink is one of our priorities so was a natural choice for developing a tour.

"We hope visitors and Fifers will enjoy the tour and use it to explore the Kingdom."

The project itself aims to assess Geotourist's economic and social benefits to Scottish tourism.

Shaon Talukder, CEO of Geotourist, added: "We are overjoyed to welcome Fife Council on to the project. Working on this project with all of our partners has been a hugely rewarding experience and we're only really starting out.

"The partner mix is enormously compelling with many different aspects of the Scottish visitor economy ready to be explored. Every tour is special because it captures truly authentic content that showcases why Scotland is a world-class destination for any tourist.

"Now we're going to be able to see where they travel from and what they travel for. This project will directly inform decision making and help to make the most of tight budgets.

"Alongside the practical and business-focused outcomes of the project, we must not forget the storytelling experience which connects visitors to the world around them."

For more information and a list of venues in the tour, visit