A FIFE MSP is calling for support in an extra special 'pawblic' vote for her and a four-legged friend. 

Roz McCall, Conservative MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, will be teaming up with a rescue pup from Dogs Trust and battling it out for Holyrood Dog of the Year next week. 

Roz McCall MSP said: "My own dog recently passed away, so I decided to enter Holyrood Dog of the Year with a Dogs Trust dog to highlight adopting a rescue dog.

"I adore dogs. They show pure love, they accept unconditionally, they are loyal and loving, and their personalities are delightful."

Roz and her canine companion will go head to head with dogs of all shapes and sizes, regardless of breed, creed or 'pawlitical' persuasion. 

They'll compete alongside other MSPs and their dogs, including Dunfermline MSP, Shirley Anne-Somerville and her pooch, Oscar the Cockapoo, for the coveted title of top dog.

Roz continued: "I believe as MSPs we should be doing more to encourage positive adoptions for animals in rehoming centres.

"I hope my entry with a Dogs Trust dog can make a difference and really promote safe homes for rescue dogs."

Organised jointly by Dogs Trust and The Kennel Club, this year's competition is all about the cost of living and the positive impact that dog ownership can have on our mental health.

The event also encourages open dialogue on dog welfare issues, as well as providing an opportunity for MSPs to meet with experts to discuss all aspects of the canine world.

MSPs are calling for the public to vote for them online in a bid for their pup to be named Holyrood Dog of the Year. 

To vote for Roz McCall and the rescue dog, and to find out details of all the MSPs and dogs entered for Holyrood Dog of the Year, visit thekennelclub.org.uk/hdoty.